Each destination in Argentina has the option of making a more relaxed and calm stay, to turn your holyday into a rest of the mind and the body. We recommend two or three nights stays.


Depending on the destination, activities will vary: a summer day at a swimming pool in a Buenos Aires Estancia, water sports in a lodge at Tigre area (a delta in the northern outskirts of the city), a full day horse ride through the spectacular Bariloche landscapes, a photographic safari through the tropical jungle in Iguazú or a stroll through the vineyards of a Mendoza lodge accompanied by a specialized guide.


For those who love calm lifestyle or those who really need a rest from their everyday lifes, these are experiences than canno be lost.


o         La Pampa:

Rosario de Areco

La Candelaria

La Becasina


o         Iguazú and surroundings:

Estancia del Socorro

Yacutinga Lodge

La Aldea Lodge


o         Patagonia

Bahía Bustamante, Puerto Madryn

Pampa Linda, Bariloche

Helsingfors, El Calafate

Estancia Despedida, Río Grande - Ushuaia


o         Northwest (valleys and canyons)

La casa de la Bodega, Cafayate- Salta


o         Córdoba

Dos Lunas