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Walking around and knowing the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings is and will be a fascinating experience, since you can find a diversity of touristic attractions that will fulfil your expectations. The variety of cultures and customs generate a contrast that surprises the traveller and, at the same time, shows us a vibrant, cosmopolitan and vital city. Our services will allow the passenger to get an orientation about the different attractions and opportunities that our city offers.


This tour can be taken in private or regular service. Regular circuits last three hours and visit the historic area of the city (Montserrat, San Telmo and La Boca neighborhoods) and the modern area (Puerto Madero, Palermo, Recoleta neighborhoods.

On the other hand private city tours can be arranged for them to include more neighborhoods, be longer and even include lunch at typical restaurants.



The aim is to discover the most remarkable symbols of Argentine history. The Casa de Gobierno, with the balconies with a view of the historical Plaza de Mayo, the colonial aspect of the Cabildo, the Avenida de Mayo, with its Spanish style, and the European air that covers this particular city.


The financial centre of the country, in only 20 blocks of buildings. Here, the churches combine with the rush of Florida street. The Plaza San Martín, surrounded of seigniorial European architecture, is an oasis, and most of "porteños" know how to make the most of it. Like the Colón theatre, which outstands due to its luxurious decoration as well as its acoustics, considered among the bests of the world. And the typical Corrientes street, which together with its obelisc represent the most emblematic of Buenos Aires.


Under the young appearance of the city, a large old quarter is preserved. It begins in the southern part of the city-centre, with absolutely different characteristics. Here, we will find the colonial air of old Buenos Aires, with its cobblestone streets, small houses with lattice windows and street-lamps that turn on in the late afternoon. Churches and convents, antiquity shops, museums and night tango shows contribute to this magic trip.


In Puerto Madero we find the different docks of the rebuilt port of Buenos Aires. Very near, the natural calm of the Reserva Ecológica.La Boca, instead, is a charming port quarter. The street-museum "Caminito", paved and antique, serves as background to artists and artisans that offer their paintings and souvenirs related to the neighbourhood and to tango.


This is one of the most distinguished areas of the city. Well-known for the quantity of museums and open air walks, it is one of the most expensive quarters of Buenos Aires, and it became important thanks to the Recoleta cemetery, where the ancestors of the traditional Argentine families lied buried. Also resting here are the mortal remains of Eva Perón (Evita). This itinerary includes, as well, the National Library, the Palermo forests, the Hippodrome and a trip around the Costanera Norte of the Río de la Plata.


The Northern zone of Great Buenos Aires has always been one of the most well attended, maybe for the variety of alternatives and promenades that it offers. Its proximity to the Río de la Plata and the development of water sports inspire a certain relaxing ambiance that contrasts with the Capital Federal. Being mostly a residential zone, the Zona Norte includes San Isidro, with its colonial air, and Tigre, the gateway to one of the most important deltas of the world. A natural wonder that you will be able to see by sailing its rivers and visiting the islands.


Thematic City Tours

Buenos Aires also offers you the opportunity of visiting the city focusing in those areas or issues that interest you most. Some of these thematic tours are:

- Art tours: specialized guides will take you to the most interesting museums in the city.

- Market tours: on Sundays the most important markets of the city take place for locals and visitants to enjoy.

- Architecture tours: Eclectic Buenos Aires will surprise you in every corner. Each building speaks about our history. Guided by Experts:

- Peronism Tours: Visit those areas and buildings in which this so-important political period left traces.

- Tango tours: Visit Buenos Aires old suburbs where tango was born, listening to famous tangos and learning about the most important tango personalities.

- Archeological Tours: Underground also hides part of Buenos Aires history!!

- Gastronomic Tours: If you enjoy food you cannot leave Buenos Aires without learning how to cook the most typical and delicious dishes. You can also enjoy excelent wine tasting



30 km away from Buenos Aires city (20 miles) northwards you will find San Isidro: a green residential area; and Tigre: a humble and picturesque neighborhood surrounded by the delta (4,000 square kilometers area comprising thousands of islands and islets) will surprise you with a very natural and relaxed tour.

You will visit the presidential recidency in Olivos and San Isidro Cathedral; you will take a riverside train and you will also get on board a boat to appreciate the exotic subtropical forest of Paraná River. 



Staying: Generally associated to very aristocratic families, the "estancias" are a symbol of the abundance of this country. For you to get a deeper contact with the typical Pampean estancia and gauchos way of leaving you can stay there for several days and one night with full board and farm acivities during the day.

Fiesta Gaucha: Deliciuos barbecue and folk show are waiting for you to enjoy the famous “Gaucho Party” which includes the traditional "asado", folkloric dance and music show and a presentation of "Gaucho" skills. You will also have the oportunity of horse riding and enjoyng carriage rides.

this excursion can be combined with:


San Antonio de Areco

Visit one of the most aunthentic towns of Gran Buenos Aires only 113km away from the city. Tradition, "gaucho" spirit, the peace of the "Pampa" and the most talented artists of silver live together in this picturesque town where the creator of Gaucho literature (an Argentinean genre) was born: "Ricardo Guiraldes".

You can visit this town in a full day excursion together with the "Gaucho Party" or you can stay at one of the cozy cottages for one or two nights. Relax, horse riding, fishing are some of the activities you can enjoy here.



Football is the most popular sport in the country. Each year four tournaments are played in local stadiums: two of them are local and the other two internaional. You cannot miss the chance of being part of this passion turning into a real fanatic assisting to one of the famous football stadiums in Buenos Aires city.



Buenos Aires counts with very interesting cultural options. Corrientes Avenue is waiting for you with hundreds of national and international concerts and plays. Discover Argentina can assist you with every day offer, transfers and tikets.



The city also offers multiple gastronomic options. Not only you can enjoy of the famous barbecues whith the delicious Argentinean meat but also you will find International food retaurants and gourmet slyle restaurants. Discover Argentina will assist you with information, reservations and transfers.



Tango rhythm is the musical identity of Buenos Aires city, born in the suburbs as a result of the strong cultural mixture of the second part of XIX century. Being in Buenos Aires is a “must” having any kind of contact with tango music. Discover Argentina offers you the best tango shows in the city, assistance to milongas and tango lessons (private or in groups).



Another chance you should not miss is shopping at real impressive prices for tourists. Buenos Aires counts with different options: famous pedestrian Florida St. where you will find leathers and furs, Santa Fe Ave, with all kind of stores, Palermo Holywood neighborhood area of vanguard design and also very elegant and complete shopping centers as Galerías Pacífico.


helicopters city tours

If you wish to get to know Buenos Aires in an original way we offer you the opportunity of making a tour in helicopter. These tours can last from 17 to 45 minutes covering different areas of the city and "Gran Buenos Aires". Helicopters have a maximum capacity of six people. A unique experience.


bike tours

Another amusing way of knowing Buenos Aires is biking! These tours count with specialized guides. Bicycles are new Beach Cruisers with very comfortable seats. Passengers are also provided with helmets, mineral water and medical assistance. Tours can last from 3.5 hours to 5. Don't miss this joyful opportunity. 


RUNNING tours           

The newest way of taking the best advantage of your time in Buenos Aires: making your favouite activity while you get to know lots of interesting things about each corner of Buenos Aires. You can choose out of six different 10km circuits designed by professional runners and tour guides.


HELICOPTER CITY tours          

If you wish to get to know Buenos Aires in an original way, we offer you the opportunity of making a tour in helicopter. These tours can last from 17 to 45 minutes covering different areas of the city and Buenos Aires Outskirts. Helicopters have a maximum six-people capacity.


apartment rental:

Once you get in touch with Buenos Aires you will want to come back. For those who really want to live this city and know it in its every day life, you can take the option of renting an apartment or a house in the different neighborhoods of the city.

Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo, San Telmo or the outskirts of the city offer you apartments of different sizes and styles. Rentals can be 5 days long or 5 months long!

Discover Argentina can advise you to peak the best options according to your tastes and desires.


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Caesar Park

Cadena NH

Meliá Buenos Aires

Madero Hotel


Reconquista Plaza


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National Parks


Created: 1990

Area: 2.600 hectáreas

Protects: A portion of the Delta and Paraná islands: these are flooded valleys of the lower parts of Paraná and Uruguay rivers. Landscape consists in low and flooded islands. 

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From/To: Aeroparque J. Newbery sends and receives flights from/to every city that has an airport in Argentina country.

Domestic flights Companies: Lan (LA) / Aerolineas Argentinas (AR) / Andes (OY) / Sol (8R)

Iata Codes: AEP (Jorge Newbery: Domestic) EZE (Ezeiza: International)

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