Destination:   USHUAIA (The end of the World)


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Located on the shores of the Beagle channel, the southernmost city in the world, gateway to the Antarctic continent, lies above the hillsides of the mountains Le Martial, Olivia and 5 Hermanos.

The high peaks of the majestic Cordillera of the Andes appear golden-colored and, contemplated from the center of the city, they look like crowns that decorate the end of the snowed mountains. This bronzed tonality that the heights acquire in the late afternoons of Ushuaia, together with the intense blue of the sea, is one of the unforgettable postcards that visitors will incorporate in their memory forever.

thanks to Mr. Leonardo Larini

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city tour

Depart from hotel to see the streets where the city was born, the "historic center", where original buildings still remain. You will visit the port, from where cruises and sailboats set out offering adventurers the possibility of traveling to the White Continent. You will visit the Museo del Fin del Mundo (Museum of the end of the world), the ex prison and backslider jail (today the Museo Marítimo of the city) and the Museo de Maquetas "Mundo Yamana". Back to hotel.

Duration: 2 hours and a half.


lago escondido with snowmobile (only during winter)

Depart from hotel, you will cross the Andes Fueguinos, its forests, beaver dams and peat bogs. Arrival at Paso Garibaldi, from where you will observe an incredible panoramic view of the lakes Escondido and Fagnano. Then, you will go down towards the lake Escondido, up to Petrel inn, 55 km from Ushuaia. Once here, you will do a snowmobile promenade, marveling at the majesty of the environment. Return to the city of Ushuaia, stopping at a typical mountain refuge to taste a delicious Patagonic lamb and then an exciting Siberian-dog-sledge trip.

Duration: full day


national park excursion

Depart from hotel towards the southwest. After traveling 12 km you will arrive at the National Park, which represents the southernmost protected natural area of Argentina, apart of being the only one with a coast. A trip to marvel at the environment with excellent panoramic views over the Beagle channel, passing between peat bogs and beavers docks up to arriving at river Lapataia and the Laguna Verde.

Duration: half day


This excursion can be combined with the following:


the train of the end of the world

From the Central Station you will board the old Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino train, with its steam locomotive and its beautiful narrow gauge wagons that uses the original embankment of what the little train of prisoners was (which transportated from prison the convicts who cut down the trees to heat the city).

Along the way you can perceive the rebuilding of an indigenous camping and a natural cascade, getting in 4.5 km up to arriving to the National Park Station.  


navigation throuh the beagle channel

At the port you will board a catamaran that will drive us to navigate through the Bahía de Ushuaia and the Beagle channel, up to the lighthouse Les Eclaireurs. On the way back, you will pass by the islands of the Lobos Marinos and of the Pájaros (watching cormorants, petrels and albatross) the complex of Islas Bridges, till the Paso Chico, which will mark the entrance to the Bahía de Ushuaia to get into the departing port.

Duration: 2 hours and a half.


navigation to penguin colony

From the local port you will arrive to the magic Beagle Channel which will amaze you with its islands, landscapes and fauna. During the navigation you will visit Isla de los Pájaros (Birds’ island), Isla de los Lobos (sea lion Island). After passing the famous Les Eclaireurs lighthouse  and Remolino ranch you will continue up to Martillo Island where the boat will stop for you to observe and take great pictures of the amazing penguin colony (pinguinos magallánicos).

Duration: half day


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Las Hayas

Los Cauquenes

Fueguino Hotel

Los Yamanas

Cumbre del Martial

Finisterris Lodge Relax


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National Parks:


np tierra del fuego

Created: 1960

Area: 63.000 hectares

Protects: the southest portion of Andean-Patagonic woods, which shows steep mountains landscapes with glacial valleys.

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From/To: Jorrge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires (AEP), El Calafate (FTE), Trelew (REL)

Companies: Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)


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