Destination:   BARILOCHE (Lake District)

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The traveler can experience the most varied emotions. From the pleasure of contemplating to the vertigo of rafting. The lakes, outlet of rivers and streams of melting water, form with the forests a landscape in which each hour of the day seems to be the most beautiful. A forest of "arrayanes" trees surprises the most experienced traveler, while another "petrified" forest, adds mystery and charm to this zone of Argentina, unique in the world. As unique is the service that we have prepared for you.


A landscape of enchantment all the way. Your tour will take you up into the surrounding mountains for breathtaking views of the Catedral, Lopez and Otto Mountain peaks, descending to the Nahuel Huapi Lake and the Moreno Lake. A visit to Cerro Campanario with a chairlift up gives you one of the most spectacular views of the area.

Info: 3-hour tour can be taken in regular or private service.



On your way to Ventisquero Negro (black snowdrift) you will cross several lakes and rivers like Manso River (which originates at Mount Tronador and reaches Los Alerces cascade. Forests, lakes, mountains and waterfalls in wonderful landscapes are a permanent company during this itinerary. Mount Tronador has three distinctive peaks: Argentino, 3554 mts., Internacional, 3554 mts., and Chileno de 3410 mts. The Los Alerces waterfall is another beautiful sight in this excursion.

Info: Full day tour includes time for lunch in the National Park.



Setting out from Puerto Pañuelo located on the Llao Llao Peninsula on the Nahuel Huapi Lake you will accede to Victoria Island after 30-minute navigation and, once on the island, our suggestion is to spend time trekking it. The place must have been inhabited for thousands of years. Proof of this are the smoke stained caves and the rupestrian paintings.
After another stretch of navigation you will arrive to the Bosque de Arrayanes (Myrtle Woods) in the Quetrihue Peninsula, where you will be in contact with a forest that contains an arboreal species unique in the world: the myrtle (arrayán): The myrtle is a tree that has a cinnamon brown bark. This bark detaches itself in strips revealing lighter layers of the same hue. The color of the waters and the Andean peaks and abundant vegetation will keep you in awe.

Info: Full day tour includes time for lunch.



Departing from Puerto Pañuelo (25 km away from Bariloche) you board a catamaran and sail to Port Blest. One of the attractions along the way is Centinela islet, where Francisco P. Moreno is buried. Once you arrive at Blest, you can visit the area or continue for another 3 km bus ride to Frías Lake where you can sail for 20 minutes in the very unique green colored water and enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Tronador. You board the catamaran again and navigate to Cántaros Port. A path of steps leads up to Los Cántaros Lake, from where you will appreciate valdivian jungle and numerous cascades from several viewpoints. Then you will sail back to Pañuelo Port.

Info: Full day tour includes time for lunch.



Bordering the Limay River you will visit El Anfiteatro and the Valle Encantado. Then, throughout the course of the  Traful River you arrive at Traful lake, surrounded by splendid landscapes. Once you reach Villa Traful, you will take the time to enjoy a good meal. The road continues bordering the lake and heads towards Arrayanes Port. From there you go on up, through a shady forest to El Portezuelo (940 m a.s.l.) where you’ll find the Seven Lakes Road going southwards and you border Correntoso, Bailey Willis and Espejo lakes. Finally you take along National Route 231 towards Villa La Angostura.  From here, there is an optional sail back to Arrayanes Woods in the Quetrihué Peninsula. Return to Bariloche city.

Info: Full day tour includes time for lunch.



It's considered the most important ski resort in the southern hemisphere not only for the surface of its trails, and always renewed infrastructure, but also for its amazing landscapes, its open spaces and off-piste which constitute the extreme skiers´ and snowborders´ delight.
Apart from ski and snowbord you can enjoy a varied offer of activities: rides in quad-bikes, snowmobiles and sleighs; walks with rackets along paths and paragliding.

Info: Packages includes seven nights of acommodation, unlimited lift tickets for seven days, transfers and medical assistance.



This unique experience will make you traverse through spectacular scenery - snow-capped mountain peaks of the imposing Andes Range, glorious green forests and blue lakes between Bariloche and Puerto Montt in Chile. Some parts of the itinerary are made by bus and some by ship.
Itinerary: Departure from Bariloche to traverse the Nahuel Huapi Lake up to Port Blest. After lunch, you will go by bus to Puerto Alegre (3 km) and navigate the green waters of Frías Lake. The company will take care of the necessary immigration documents to cross to Chile and after that you will continue to Peulla by bus. You’ll spend the night at a local hotel.
On the next day, you will sail the ‘De Todos los Santos’ Lake up to Petrohué at the foot of the Osorno volcano. You will continue by bus bordering the Llanquihue Lake to Puerto Varas City, and then you will reach Puerto Montt City through the Pan-American route.

Info: 2 days / 1 night at Peulla. You can also take the short option (one day). The return trip to Bariloche might be done by land or by plane. If you wish, you can also continue your air trip via Santiago de Chile.


Pampa Linda accommodation and activities

Enjoy some of the recreational activities and adventure activities organized in Pampa Linda, set on the basement of Mount Tronador. It offers a wide variety of trekking and horseback riding excursions to some of its unimaginable geographical corners. These trips vary depending on each season, its weather conditions and its own charms.


1.       Tekking or bike ride to Saltillo de las Nalcas

2.       Trekking, bike ride or horse ride to Ventisquero Negro and Cascada Garganta del Diablo

3.       Trekking to Mirador del Valle viewpoint

4.       Trekking or horse ride to Glaciar Castaño Overa

5.       Trekking or horse ride to the waterfall at Glaciar Alerce


1.       Horse ride and/or trekking to Laguna Ilón and Mirada del Doctor

2.       Trekking or horse ride to Otto Meiling shelter

3.       Horse ride to Cerro Volcánico


seven lakes road (San Martin – Bariloche)

In the morning you will go along the main tourist corridor in the area, known world-wide for the matchless beauty of its landscapes, with panoramic natural vantage points, lakes, rivers and countless attractions opening up in front of those who are willing to discover, the real “seven lakes route”.

Rather than seven, you can see eight lakes along the road without taking any detour into lateral paths and going directly from San Martín de los Andes to Bariloche through La Angostura village. You will visit the lakes Nahuel Huapi, Espejo, Correntoso, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Machónico and Lake Lácar. Finally you will arrive to the Sol del Nahuel hotel in Bariloche to stay there.



This will be an unforgettable experience. Bahía Manzano, Cerro Bayo, the Mirador of the Belvedere hill and the cascade Inacayal are unique landscapes. Cypress, coigue and holy wood forests reveal the strength of nature in the region.



Bariloche and its influence zone is the ideal place for trekking. In a mountain surrounded landscape, with natural sceneries of spectacular beauty and with a great mountain infrastructure, this is a magnific alternative for doing tourism in contact with nature.



The rivers belonging to the Nahuel Huapi National Park offer the possibility of undertaking this adventure sporting activity. Swift rivers, rapids full of emotion framed by Patagonic Andean forests make of rafting a fantastic experience.



Inflatable kayaks or duckies



Bariloche offers you to reach the top of the mountains such as Catedral, Otto or the Carbón by mountain bike. An experience hard to describe, just like the opportunity of traveling eternal cascades, crystalline streams and solitary forests.



A horse-riding expedition can be coordinated to discover landscapes of an extreme beauty and in contact with the most pure nature. Strong well-tamed horses guided by the local guides will take us to dream spots.


Bariloche is in the best spot to set up camp for fishing trips. Every day you can access to a large variety of rivers, lakes, springcreeks and ponds, full of different species of wild trout. Among these, the Limay River (main effluent Nahuel Huapi Lake) is the most famous. It is one of the largest rivers in the area, holding famous brown trout that can get to 10 pounds and a smaller-size rainbow trouts, though really aggressive. Through its almost 500km length, you will find trout of all sizes and it can be fished with equipments going from #3 to spey rods, both on dry or wet flies. This river guarantees fun for beginners and experienced anglers and a floating trip will cover lots of different pools and landscapes.





Llao Llao




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Peñon del Lago

Sol del Nahuel


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National Parks:


nP nahuel huapi 

Created: 1934

Area: 705.000 hectares

Protects: a vast representative area of northern Patagonia. It shelters three different typical landscapes: Andes Highlands, Andean-patagonic woods, and patagonic steppes.

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From/To: Jorrge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires (AEP), El Calafate (FTE)

Companies: Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)


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