Destination:   PUERTO MADRYN (whales and penguins)


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At Peninsula Valdes you will discover the colosal Southern Right Whales, Fitz Roy´s Dolphins, Commerson´s dolphins, Southern Sealions and also visit one of the world’s largest groups of pengüins, hosting more than 250.000 couples of Magallanic pengïns at Punta Tombo.

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• Southern Right Whale: May through December

• Fitz Roy´s Dolphin: January Through March

• Orca: September through April

• Commerson´s Dolphin: All year long.

• Magellanic Penguin: September through March

• Southern elephant Seal & Sea Lion: All year long

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Península Valdés (full day)   

This tour will let you have a complete view of Peninsula Valdes. You will start visiting the Flora & Fauna Interpretation Center where you will be able to observe the Birds Island. During the tour you will be in touch with an extraordinary wildlife and marine fauna. Southern Elephant Seals and Penguins at Caleta Valdes, Southern Elephant Seals at Punta Delgada and South American Sea Lions at Punta Norte. As an optional - and depending on the season - you will be able to watch from a boat the colossal Southern Right Whales as well as the playful Fitz Roy’s Dolphins.

INFO: Full-day tour with time for lunch. It can be taken in regular or private service. Only in private service zodiac boat can be taken for whales watching. Season: July – December.


Punta Tombo – Gaiman (full day)

You will depart early in the morning in order to travel 115 miles to Punta Tombo. Once you get there you will have the opportunity to watch one of the world’s largest assemblies of Magallanic penguins, hosting more than 250.000 couples of these fascinating birds. Returning from Punta Tombo you will have the chance to visit the city of Trelew, with its famous Paleontology Museum. During the afternoon you will visit an ancient Welsh colony (Gaiman) where we will have an exquisite tea with Welsh cakes.

Info: Full-day tour with time for lunch and tea. Season: September - April


valle inferior excursion      

With this tour you will visit TRELEW AND GAIMAN, both towns located along the Rio Chubut Valley. The visit to Trelew consists of a short tour that goes through the town centre, the historical square and some other places of both historical and cultural value. The most interesting point is the Paleontology Museum “Egidio Feruglio,” with a stop to do an optional visit.  The tour continues to Gaiman, a Welsh colony town. There, you will travel throughout relevant historical places, as the tour guide will tell you about the history of the settlement and the typical building styles. The tour stops at a typical tea house with the option to have the Welsh tea.

Info: Half-day tour. Regular or private service.


Punta loma excursion           

Sightseeing around the south and center areas of Puerto Madryn, the residential area and the coast until you arrive to Punta Cuevas. This is a historical spot where a group of Welsh settlers landed on July 1865. From this place you will be able to have one of the best views of Puerto Madryn. Then the tour continues to Punta Este and Parana Beach.

Arrival at Punta Loma, which is the first reserve created to protect seals and cormorants. You will have the chance to watch from the coast, sea lions and different kind of birds accompanied by a specialized guide that will introduce you to the interesting world of this specie.

Info: Half-day tour. Regular or private service. Available throughout the year.


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Naturales Monuments:
NM ballena franca austral 
Declared: 1984
Description: Because of its slow swimming, it's been one of the most attacked animals for its commercial use. Nowadays they are protected by the International Whales Comission and by National Law 23.094. Ballena Franca Austral is a mamalian that can measure 13 to 15 meters long. Every year at fall they arrive to Península Valdés looking for the best waters for their reproduction and feeding their breeding. Between October and December they travel south.
Flights: Trelew Airport
From/To: Jorge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires (AEP), El Calafate (FTE), Ushuaia (USH)
Companies: Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)
Iata Code: REL
Flights: Puerto Madryn Airport 
From/To: Aeropuerto Jorge Newbery en Buenos Aires (AEP)
Companies: Andes Líneas Aereas (OY)
Iata Code: PMY