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Its 275 waterfalls of about 80 meters high constitute an unique natural scenery in the world. The magnificence is such, that it even surprises those who know well Niagara Falls, who never expected a greater marvel.

Iguazú is home to more than 2,000 types of plants and 700 animal species. This gives an idea of its scale as a natural reserve. But the fact of knowing it is not enough.

Don’t miss visiting Iguazú Falls with Discover Argentina.

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Full day visit to the falls on the Argentine side. Once inside the National Park you can begin with any of the following three circuits:

Upper Trail: This is a straight path without ladders or other difficulties that will take you to the nearest views of the falls from their origin.

Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat): After taking the ecological train up to Garganta del Diablo Station you will begin with a 1,200-meter trail without difficulty that will lead you across the upper Iguazú River to the most spectacular Fall in the Park.

Inferior Trail: As the superior trail, this one will take you to the best views of the Falls but from a lower perspective. This trail presents a middle-level of difficulty because of the presence of stairs. 

You can also add the following activities:


Great Adventure: Transport in 4x4 vehicles to the falls area. We will start the visit by walking through the Superior and Inferior circuits and the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) going by train and returning by motor-boat along the Iguazú river. Then, we will begin the "Great Adventure" excursion, which starts with an 8-km trip through the Yacaratia trail in all terrain vehicles. Arrival at Puerto Macuco. Then, we’ll embark in a large raft navigating 6 km along the Iguazú River with 2-km rapids until we reach Garganta del Diablo. Spectacular approach to the waterfalls and landing in San Martín Island, the heart of Iguazú Falls.


Nautic Adventure: Boarded in big zodiac boats from the port in the Lower Circuit, entrance to the Garganta del Diablo canyon with an unforgettable "Baptizing in the mist". Approach to the 7 most important falls and view of Brazilian waterfalls. The navigation is only 12’ long but you will feel real adrenaline as you get close to the incredible falls.


Iguazu Circuit inside the Natural Reserve by car. Trip on 4x4 vehicles through a jungle full of gigantic trees, palmetto forests, arborescent ferns and exotic species. To the contemplation of nature we will add the action of doing "rappel" in gigantic trees, trekking, waterfalls and Tyrolean Crossing in the Barranco del Tigre. Duration: 4 hours. Forest:


Brazilian Falls

1-day excursion. Beginning in the “Foz do Iguaçu” National Park with the best panoramic view of the falls: San Martín Island, Bozzetti fall and Upper Circuit: all waterfalls belong to the Argentine side. You will walk through a footbridge that practically "goes into" the Garganta del Diablo and the whole landscape of the falls. The trip finishes in the Panoramic Elevator as soon as you arrive at Floriano fall. To conclude, you will have lunch in an elegant restaurant just beside the falls.

INFO: 1/2-day excursion. Regular or private service.


Ecological Horse Riding

The most natural way of penetrating the jungle of Misiones province. Three different tracks to appreciate all the variety of the local flora and fauna. Duration: 2 hours.


Fortin Mborore Gurani Village

A direct contact with the "guaraní" culture. We will visit this community which will reveal the secrets of the jungle, their natural medicine, their culture, songs, dances, handicrafts, philosophy and beliefs. We will learn to walk inside the jungle, guided by expert aboriginals. They will teach us to discover The Spirit of Trees. Duration: 3 hours.


Photo- Safari

To live the secrets of the jungle; to find animal footprints; to discover toucans by their singing; to listen in silence to the whistle of a group of monkeys; to admire the flowering orchids in the highest tree: Everything from uncovered vehicles, specially adapted for adventure and in order to obtain the best photos.

Info: Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes.


Cataratas in the moonlight

Three days a month, during full moon, this nocturnal visit to the Iguazú Falls is organized. The phenomenon caused by the moonlight over the water is something impossible to describe. In addition, the reflection forms an unusual spectacle of a three-colored rainbow in the middle of the night.

Info: Reservations at least with one month of advance. 


Yacutinga Lodge Experience

DAY 1: Midday land transfer to “Raices Argentinas” for connecting a land transfer to a luxurious lodge in the middle of the Argentine rainforest. Yacutinga Wildlife & Nature Reserve still maintains richness in bio-diversity, far away from massive tourism concentration. Enjoy diverse out-door activities with a soft adventure and eco-tourism focus, such as: floating, bird-watching or hiking which will provide you with a variety of information unlocking the mysteries and peculiarities of the rainforest.

DAY 2: Enjoy an early morning 3-hour navigation of the San Francisco stream and perhaps start a photo safari session and fauna watching all over the gallery forest. Walk the several self-guided interpretation tracks or take advantage of the lodge facilities such as swimming pool, observation towers, hanging footbridge and visitor center. Afternoon guided trekking activities hosted by specialized bilingual guides who give professional information as to diverse natural environments, flora and fauna. This evening you may enjoy a nocturnal outing to get in touch with forest at night, a terrific experience!

Info: 3 days / 2 night program.


San Ignacio Jesuitic Ruins

Hardly broadcasted, these ruins were built by the Jesuits in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and were then destroyed by Spanish and Portuguese colonizers and by Indian expeditionaries from Brazil. A didactic museum will help to interpret what we will later see: houses, schools, kitchen, fortress, cemetery and temple.

Info: Full day tour.


Wanda Mines: Semiprecious stones

We will head for Wanda (50 km from Puerto Iguazú), where you will find spectacular veins of open sky semiprecious stone fields, being the most abundant the Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Quartz. A local guide will teach you about the great mass of basaltic rock at natural and then you will also observe the extraction of its crystals.

Info: 4 hours tour.


fortin mborore guarani village

A direct contact with the "guaraní" culture. You will visit this community which will reveal the secrets of the jungle, their natural medicine, their culture, songs, dances, handicrafts, philosophy and beliefs. You will learn to walk inside the jungle, guided by expert aboriginals. They will teach you to discover The Spirit of Trees.

Info: Duration: 3 hours.


jungle fly program

You will begin with a 7km- ride in 4x4 vehicles with stops for explanations about the tropical ecosystem of the area. At the entrance, the experts will give the appropriate instructions for the adventure activities:

Canopy Circuit: Fly through the jungle big trees. From platform to platform you will go through 650 meters. In the end free fall from 22 meters high.

Trekking: 1 hour-travel through special paths designed for a close contact with the jungle.

Bird-watching: From a tower specially designed for this activity and with special equipment learn lots of things about the numerous bird species of the area.

Hanging bridges: With the necessary security equipment you will be able to walk through the jungle at 7 to 9 meters high.

Info: Full-day experience.



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Hotel Esturión

Iguazú Grand Hotel



Hotel Cataratas

Iguazú Jungle Lodge


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National Parks in the región:



Created: 1934

Area: 67.000 hectares

Protects: Iguazú Falls (formed by Iguazú River waters) and the subtropical jungle that surrounds them. Regarding to its wonderful and diverse flora the following can be found: curupay, cupay, laurel blanco, aguay, ingá, ceibo (which gives the national flower), lapacho, palo rosa and palms. The typical bird is the "bencejo de casacada" (black little ones that live in the rocks behind the water falls). In the trails, during the different circuits toucans, "coaties" and lots of colors butterflies can be seen. But the jungle also hosts lots of wild animals that have no contact with humans such as: yaguareté or jaguars, tapirs, ant bears and eagles among others.

*Declared Natural Heritage for Humanity by UNESCO in 1984.

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From/To: Jorge Newbery airport in Buenos Aires (AEP)

Companies: Lan (LA) / Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)

Iata Code: IGR

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